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6 Steps to Manage Stress

Lets not hide away from the fact that life is stressful, also sad and disappointing at times. We get so easily caught up in the hurry, the chaos and social expectations, which can make us feel frazzled, unhealthy and possibly loathing life or the situation. Definitely not good for mental health. Here I have put together a few ideas to help you manage stress. What…

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Review of CinderELLA at Nuffield Southampton Theatres

CinderELLA shall go to the ball! Well, the Midnight Ballroom that is. I was invited along to the Press Night* for CinderELLA A New Musical at the Nuffield Southampton Theatres – NST City. What a magical night it was. It was full of high-octane music, some twists, some turns and many laugh out loud moments! CinderELLA Overview CinderELLA is a musical comedy, and is a…

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Back to School Haul at WestQuay, Southampton

With the kids going back to school soon I was invited along by WestQuay to collaborate with them to do a little ‘Supermarket Sweep’ style of the Shopping Centre, based in Southampton. I took my little side kick (Jack) as I thought it was a chance for him to have a say and get involved with selecting the items he would need for school. He…

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Health Benefits of Water

Water, Water, Everywhere by Jillian Marker We wash in it,and splash in it,but that’s not all –we pour it on our plants and cropsto make them strong and tall. We boil it upand cool it down,to make ourselves a drink,but there’s much more to water,thank you would ever think. Water rushes, runs and trickles,and it can even freeze.It can seep and soak and creepto almost…

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Working from home

To cut a long story short I never went back to the job I left after having my first child. Instead I managed to land myself a job working from home looking after an online Amazon store for a local company. This really was pure luck, as the turmoil I endured throughout maternity leave was horrible. That, and suffering from Post Natal Depression (PND) at…

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6 Steps to Manage Stress

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